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Hotel websites focused on generating more direct bookings for you, saving you on OTA commissions.

Who doesn’t want that?

After gaining significant work experience in the hotel industry, it became more and more apparent that there is an increasing need from smaller,  independent hotels and accomodations to increase their independance from the mighty OTA’s.


I have worked for 3 years for Booking.com and I have spoken to hundreds of hoteliers that needed extra training to become more commercially minded. Unfortunately, in the jobs I performed at Booking.com, I wasn’t allowed to explain the hoteliers how to increase their direct bookings. The support that I could provide them with, was on how to improve their business on Booking.com, which made them only depent even more on Booking.com.


While working for Booking.com, I realised I wanted to make the move towards becoming self-employed and helping smaller independent hotels and accommodations with their online marketing and distribution. Therefore, I decided to work for a hotel chain in the Netherlands and quickly after, I had made the move to work for a property management company.


Although I still do work for the property management company in an e-commerce related job, I am looking for ways to assist new hotel partners for Bookingsconsultant.com!



Melvin Sjerps


Why, how and what

I want to challenge to status quo. I want to help hoteliers in the battle against the mighty OTA’s.

I am doing that by designing responsive hotel websites that convert lookers into bookers. Share my knowledge via the blog and provide hoteliers with consultancy about online distribution and online marketing.

Below I have listed the benefits of your own responsive hotel website.

Increase conversion (number of bookings / visitors)

Receive more direct bookings via your own hotel website and save on the commissions you otherwise would have paid to the online travel agent.

Capture more leads

Build your database of all your guests and website visitors who had signed up for your newsletter. For all the OTA bookers, let’s make sure to send them an incentive to book direct next time!

Get your fair share of mobile bookings

Mobile technology is on the rise. 30%-50% of all bookings will be made via mobile devices within 1-2 years. Make sure you are ready for it!

Bolster your brand image

A beautiful hotel or accommodation deserves an equally beautiful website, a website that represents the brand well.

Social media integrated

Social media feed or Tripadvisor reviews will be shown on your hotel website. Social proof helps to convince direct bookers to book with you.

User friendly

With access to the back-end of your own website, you can easily manage you own content. If you are too busy for it, I am more than happy to do it for you!

Do you want more direct bookings? I am here to help you save on OTA commissions.